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Theri Anula’s Relics Discovered | by Tathālokā TherÄ«

After nearly a full calendar year of excavations, the principle reliquary cache in the womb (garbha) or heart of the Anulā Tissa Stupa –also known as the Anulā DevÄ« Cetiya– was accessed and opened, and within it more than 500 relics were discovered, including bodily relics (sārÄ«rika dhātu).

Peace Walk in Florida | Walk for Peace & Walk in Peace |

Peace Walk in Florida | Walk for Peace & walk in peace is an event undertaken by 9 Buddhist monks to walk across the Florida state to spread loving kindness, peace & harmony to all the people. Take a look at this interesting adventure of these monks who would walk 163 miles on foot in 7 days.

Buddhist Calendar | Full Moon Day List | 2021 | Sri Lankan Version

Following every meritorious act, the Buddhist community have a good habit of sharing the merits with all sentient beings including men & women, children & elders, humans & non-humans, Devas-Brahmas & all sentient beings. They even transfer merits to all the Departed Ones. This way not only they themselves feel blessed and comfortable but also all the other sentient beings are benefitted with many different ways. This is such a noble act by the Buddhist community to be grateful and thankful to their departed ones. It is a wonderful sense of gesture when they think of Brahmas & Devas with respect and appreciation and share the merits they accrue. It is even more amazing when they think of their Departed Ones with a sense of gratitude & thankfulness. You can always use these Pali stanzas and their meanings following your Dāna (Generosity), Sīla (Morality), Bhāvanā (Meditation) activities.