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It is an absolutely amazing feeling when we look back into our journey so far.

Dhamma USA has a great and noble Vision to be an exemplary non-profit international movement on Spiritual Coaching & Community Care.

Dhamma USA is a community organization of dedicated volunteers engaged in spiritual coaching and community welfare activities. It is an absolutely amazing feeling when we look back into our journey so far. We started off with some very simple activities and over the years we could really make some impressive landmarks along the journey.

Dhamma USA has a great and noble Vision to be an exemplary non-profit international movement on Spiritual Coaching & Community Care. In order to reach this we have a sound mission through which we will focus on Spiritual Coaching through Buddhist Meditation and Education while Community Care will be dealt with social welfare drives as per the Buddhist Doctrines unbiased on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, language or culture.

Our Spiritual Coaching and Community Care have been memorable so far with continuous engaging of our daily, weekly and monthly activities with the help of our wonderfully dedicated team and the many blessings from our wellwishers. We have continuously progressed with more and more success and our team is expanding rapidly. There is a growing demand for partnership with different countries to foster our activities. We need to work towards a comprehensive objective and goal to make sure that there is still some space for the humanity and spirituality in the world. We are working on different fronts to improve and fulfill our mission within the parameters of Buddhist teachings. We definitely are confident that we can serve better and better with no discrimination whatsoever under the guidance of the noble teaching of the Buddha.

We hope that we will be able to expand our capacity to strengthen the community building and bring smile to many as we have been doing so far.

Please come and join us to make a difference. Thank you for your continuous support and your unwavering faith in our efforts reach the goals that we have set in front of us.

Venerable Bhante Sumitta

Founder | Dhamma USA

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More of Bhante Sumitta

Brief Resume of Bhante Sumitta

Bhante Sumitta, PhD

Buddhist Monk | Founder of Dhamma USA | Social Welfare Advocate | Meditation Teacher

Bhante Sumitta is a highly accomplished professional with a deep commitment to community care, spiritual well-being, and social welfare initiatives. As the founder of “Dhamma USA,” a US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, he leads a diverse range of programs aimed at fostering personal growth and uplifting underprivileged individuals and families. With a strong focus on Dhamma Talks, Sutta Discussions, Meditations, and Pali Language Classes, Bhante actively engages with communities in California and other states, while also supporting educational projects for children in Sri Lanka and India.


PhD in Buddhist Studies | University of the West, California

  • Dissertation: “Philosophy of Arahanta Ideal as Depicted in Mahaniddesa”
  • Established “UWest Pali Society” to promote Pali studies and Buddhist Art & Culture
  • Co-organized a weeklong Budart Exhibition in collaboration with Budart

Professional Experience

Faculty | Right Mindfulness Training Academy, California | Present

  • Delivering transformative teachings on mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Mentoring students in developing a deep understanding of Buddhist principles and practices

Faculty | University of the East, California | [2018-21]

  • Delivering transformative teachings on mindfulness and meditation techniques
  • Mentoring students in developing a deep understanding of Buddhist principles and practices

Adjunct Faculty | University of the West, California | [2017-21]

  • Taught courses on Ethics in Buddhist Ministry, Fundamentals of Buddhism, Introduction to Buddhist Psychology and ESL across multiple departments

Prison Care Volunteer | Engaged Buddhist Alliance, Southern California | [2015-2020]

  • Provided compassionate care and support to incarcerated individuals through engaged Buddhist practices

Teacher | Home Boys Industries, Los Angeles | [2019]

  • Delivered educational sessions and guidance to empower at-risk youth in Los Angeles

Dhamma Sharing and Meditation Instructor | Various Buddhist Temples & monasteries in Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York, Chicago & Las Vegas

  • Collaborated with local Buddhist temples to conduct Dhamma talks and meditation classes
  • Contributed to community well-being and spiritual development
  • Taught in Sunday Dhamma Schools

Academic Credentials

  • Bachelor’s Degree in [English], [University of Delhi]
  • Master’s Degree in [English], [University of Delhi]
  • Master’s Degree in [Buddhist Studies], [University of Delhi]
  • Master’s Degree in [Linguistics], [University of Kelaniya]
  • PhD Degree in [Buddhist Studies], [University of the West]

Key Skills

  • Excellent communicator and presenter, adept at conveying complex concepts with clarity
  • Proficient in leading meditations, facilitating discussions, and fostering personal growth
  • Strong knowledge of Buddhist Studies, Pali studies, and Buddhist art and culture
  • Passionate about social welfare, community engagement, and supporting underprivileged individuals
  • Multilingual: Fluent in [Sinhala, English, Hindi, Pali, Sanskrit]

Bhante Sumitta is a dedicated and compassionate Buddhist monk committed to promoting spiritual well-being, fostering social harmony, and inspiring personal transformation through his work. With a diverse range of experiences and a profound understanding of Buddhist principles, he continues to positively impact the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.


Services in Sri Lanka:

Temporary Lecturer, Lecturer & Senior Lecturer in English | Bhiksu University of Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura (2006-2017)

Principal – National Bhikkhu Education Center, Ranmutugala [2005-6]

Pirivena Teacher – Vidyaraja Pirivena, Panadura [1989-95]


Services in USA

Bhante Sumitta has dedicated himself to sharing Buddhist teachings and promoting spiritual growth within the United States. He has conducted transformative teaching sessions at various respected Buddhist centers across different states:


  • Lankarama Buddhist Institute in La Puente
  • Sri Ratana International Buddhist Center in Anaheim
  • Sambuddhaloka Buddhist Vihara in Riverside
  • Maithree Buddhist Vihara in Sun Valley
  • Sarathchandra Buddhist Vihara in Oxnard

New Jersey:

  • Empty Cloud Monastery in West Orange

New York:

  • Long Island Buddhist Meditation Center in Long Island
  • Buddhist Temple in Staten Island
  • Dhia Foundation (location not specified)


  • Chicago Buddhist Vihara in Oswego

Las Vegas:

  • Nevada Buddhist Vihara in Las Vegas

At these esteemed centers, Bhante Sumitta has shared his profound knowledge and insights on various aspects of Buddhism, including meditation practices, mindfulness, ethics, and Buddhist philosophy. Through his teachings, he has inspired individuals to cultivate inner peace, compassion, and wisdom in their lives, fostering spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Bhante Sumitta’s presence and teachings have had a significant impact on the Buddhist communities in California, New Jersey, New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. His guidance and compassionate approach have provided practitioners with invaluable opportunities for deepening their understanding of Buddhism and integrating its teachings into their daily lives.

Through his commitment to spreading Buddhist wisdom and fostering spiritual well-being, Bhante Sumitta continues to make a profound difference in the lives of individuals seeking spiritual guidance and growth within the United States.

Global Dhamma Services:

Bhante Sumitta has had the privilege of sharing his teachings on Buddhism in various countries, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting spiritual growth. His journeys have taken him to numerous countries, including India, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, and Italy.

In India, the birthplace of Buddhism, Bhante Sumitta has engaged with local communities, offering his wisdom and guidance in Buddhist principles and practices. Nepal, with its rich Buddhist heritage, has also been a destination where he has shared his teachings, inspiring individuals on their spiritual paths.

Across Southeast Asia, Bhante has traveled to countries like Singapore and Malaysia, connecting with diverse Buddhist communities and imparting valuable insights. In Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, he has engaged with practitioners, conducted Dhamma talks, and led meditation sessions, contributing to the flourishing Buddhist traditions in these countries.

Bhante Sumitta’s reach has extended beyond Asia to the United States, where he has shared his knowledge and teachings with eager students and communities. His presence and contributions have been instrumental in fostering a deeper understanding of Buddhism and its relevance in Western contexts.

Italy, with its growing interest in Buddhism, has also welcomed Bhante Sumitta, where he has conducted teachings, meditation retreats, and facilitated discussions on Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Through his extensive travels and teachings in these diverse countries, Bhante Sumitta has left an indelible mark on countless individuals, fostering spiritual growth, and promoting the values of compassion, mindfulness, and peace.

Peace Walks

Bhante Sumitta is renowned for his profound commitment to promoting peace and harmony through transformative initiatives such as Peace Walks. He has organized and led several impactful walks, including the notable New York to Washington DC Peace Walk, the Peace Walk in Florida, and the inspiring Peace Walk and Thudong in Italy.

The New York to Washington DC Peace Walk stands as a powerful testament to Bhante Sumitta’s dedication to fostering peace. Leading a diverse group of individuals, he embarked on a transformative journey, covering a significant distance while spreading a message of unity, compassion, and understanding.

The Peace Walk in Florida showcased Bhante’s ability to inspire and engage communities in cultivating peace. By bringing people together, he encouraged dialogue, introspection, and collective action towards creating a harmonious society.

Bhante Sumitta’s Peace Walk and Thudong in Italy further exemplified his unwavering commitment to peace. This unique endeavor combined the traditional Buddhist practice of Thudong, or forest wandering, with the aim of promoting inner peace and mindfulness, while also fostering external harmony through peaceful interactions with local communities.

Through these powerful Peace Walk initiatives, Bhante Sumitta has effectively demonstrated his ability to mobilize individuals, bridge cultural divides, and promote peace on a local and global scale. His efforts continue to inspire countless individuals to embrace compassion, understanding, and peaceful coexistence.




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