Spiritual Care


Dhamma USA is dedicated to foster the Spiritual Care of the community in particular and all sentient beings in general. We organize various events such as Mindfulness Meditation, Walking Meditation, Healing & Therapeutic Chanting, Counseling, Prison visits, Hospital visits, and many more to fulfill our objectives in this regard. We are concerned about the young kids & senior citizens in particular although we have more programs for all walks of life.

Among our featured events to cater to the growing demands of Spiritual Care are:


We conduct meditation sessions to help the new and aspiring meditators who seek guidance and show enthusiasm to practice on regular basis. Medium: English & Sinhala.

Dhamma Talks

We share the Theravada Buddha Dhamma to help the community who are interested in learning the Dhamma. Medium: English & Sinhala.

Protective Chantings

We would love to pray for you and your loved ones safety and protection. We certainly believe these powerful and rhythmic Pali chanting can heal your hearts to a greater extent.

Yoga Classes

We conduct light Yoga & Meditation in combination to help our communicate to practice better and more comfortably.

Prison Visits

Our commitment to help the incarcerated prison community is a noble mission that we excited about.

Buddhist Counseling

We are happy to provide you traditional Buddhist counseling to help you ease out the pressure of your heavy and stressful lifestyles. This may be different from the Western methodology but certainly more effective and powerful.

Benefits of Service

Observing Five Precepts and practicing meditation on daily basis will provide you an ideal foundation to be connected to Buddhism.

Yes, in deed. Dhamma USA is conducting a number of Community Care programs and you are most welcome to join us through any of those programs. We help the underprivileged children for their education; we help the underprivileged women to empower them to stand strong; we help physically challenged elderly people; we help the community in disaster situations and many more services like this.

Dhamma USA is committed to help the community in their spiritual needs. If anyone requires the service of spiritual care counseling and meditation, we are happy to help.

Dhamma USA is a Community Care & Charity Organization and we provide services to the community which is a greatly challenging endeavors as we have to depend on the generosity of the good hearts. If any of you are interested in volunteering to help Dhamma USA, you can help us in volunteering in many ways. Send us a short resume of you and your interested area in helping us. We will be really happy to meet volunteers in IT sector, event management etc. to help, organize and promote our community care events.

How can I join the classes conducted by Dhamma USA?