Abhidhamma for Beginners | Bhikkhuni Sākya Dhammadinnā

By Bhante Sumitta |

Abhidhamma for Beginners | Bhikkhuni Sākya Dhammadinnā

Greetings Dhamma seekers,

Embark on a transformative journey as we announce a weekly Abhidhamma class led by Bhikkhuni Sakya Dhammadinnā, proudly presented by Dhamma USA. This insightful lecture series spans eight lessons, offering an in-depth exploration of the profound teachings of Abhidhamma and providing a comprehensive understanding of Buddhist philosophy.


  • Day: Sundays
  • Time: 6:00 PM PST / 7:30 AM IST (Monday)

This Abhidhamma class will be held every Sunday evening at 6:00 PM PST / 7:30 AM IST (Monday). The first 15 minutes of each class will be dedicated to the chanting of Cittas, Cetasikas, and Rupas, ensuring participants become familiar with the proper pronunciation.

Weekly Lesson Plan:

Session 1: Origin and Similarities & Differences between Sutta and Abhidhamma

Gain insights into the roots of Abhidhamma and understand the distinctions and commonalities with Sutta.

Session 2: Benefits and Importance of Abhidhamma

Explore the significance of studying Abhidhamma and the practical benefits it brings to one’s spiritual journey.

Session 3: Two Kinds of Truth in Abhidhamma

Delve into the dual nature of truth as expounded in Abhidhamma.

Session 4: Two Kinds of Dhamma in Abhidhamma and Four Kinds of Ultimate Realities

Unpack the intricacies of Dhamma in Abhidhamma, exploring the four types of ultimate realities.

Session 5: Types of Cittas and Their Categories

Understand the various types of consciousness and their classifications in Abhidhamma.

Session 6: Introduction to Akusala Citta 12

Begin the exploration of the unwholesome consciousness with an introduction to Akusala Citta 12.

Session 7: Akusala & Kusala Kamma Patha 10

Delve into the pathways of unwholesome and wholesome actions, exploring the tenfold classifications.

Session 8: How to Control Akusala Citta 12?

Conclude the series with practical guidance on managing unwholesome consciousness.

Join us on this illuminating journey through Abhidhamma every Sunday at 6:00 PM PST / Monday morning at 7:30 AM IST.

May the wisdom of Abhidhamma illuminate your path to understanding the profound truths of Buddhism!

Snapshot of Abhidhamma for Beginners Class

Lecture : Abhidhamma for Beginners

Speaker: Bhikkhuni Sākya Dhammadinnā

Day: Sunday

Time: PST 6:00 PM | EST 9:00 PM | China Time & SST: 12:00 PM | IST: 7:30 AM | ICT & WIB: 9:30 AM | MMT/GMT+5:00 – 09:30 AM

Medium: English

Host: Selviana / Archana / Dulani

Watch Live: Dhamma USA YouTube Channel & Dhamma USA Social Media Platforms

Bhikkhuni Sākya Dhammadinnā

(B.Com, M.A. in Buddhist Philosophy with a Gold Medal in Abhidhamma Philosophy, LLB.)

Birth Place : Haryana (NCR), India. 

Ordained as Anāgārikā (with 8 precepts) at Kushinagar in 2017 with Indian Bhikkhu Sangha. 

Ordained as Sikkhāmanā at Vaishali, Bihar in 2018 with Buddha Catu Parisa Foundation, Thailand.

Ordained as Bhikkhuni at Bangkok,Thailand in 2020 with Buddha Catu Parisa Foundation, Thailand. 

Education : B.Com, M.A. in Buddhist Philosophy with a Gold Medal in Abhidhamma Philosophy, LLB. 

 Preparing for admission in Doctrate Degree (PhD). 

Dhamma Work : 

1. Mainly aimed in establishing a well trained Bhikkhuni Sangha in India for the development of women in society. We’ve organised two short Samaneri Ordination Camp in which around 30 women took Training of how to be a Good Bhikkhuni. Moving ahead for the third camp in Sarnath in thr month of November with the collaboration of Mahabodhi Society, Sarnath.

2. Bring back among laypeople the lost Abhidhamma teaching of Buddha which is called the highest Dhamma of Buddha. Teaching Abhidhamma from last 3years. Have started teaching online from last one year. 

Looking for a donor of land not less than 2 acres for Bhikkhuni Training Centre in India for the proper training and practice of Bhikkhunis. 

May the Buddha Sasana Live Long!!!

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