The Ultimate Reality (Paramttha) | Ven. Dr. Ashin Kusala Udyikhin | Ep. #88

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The Ultimate Reality (Paramttha) | Ven. Dr. Ashin Kusala Udyikhin | Ep. #88

Greetings, Dhamma seekers!

We are thrilled to announce Episode #88 of our Sunday Dhamma Talk Series, featuring the venerable Venerable Dr. Varabuddhi. In this episode, we will embark on a journey to explore the profound subject of “Meditation: How to balance caring for yourself?.”

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Event Snapshot: Ep.#88 | February 18, 2024

Topic: The Ultimate Reality (Paramattha)

Speaker: Ven. Dr. Ashin Kusala Udyikhin

Date: Sunday, February 18, 2024

Time: PT/PDT 6:00 AM | EST 9:00 AM | China Time & SST: 10:00 PM | IST: 6:30 PM | ICT & WIB: 8:00 PM | MMT/GMT+5:00 – 07:30 PM

Host: Archana Gedham, Eranda Wijerathne, Thinuri Fernando

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Venerable Dr. Ashin Kusala Udyikhin

Credentials of Venerable Dr. Ashin Kusala Udyikhin:

  • BA [Myanmar]
  • MA & PhD [Pune, India]
  • Lecturer: Sitagu International Buddhist Academy – Myanmar

Ashin Kusala was born on 8th May 1969 in the Kongyi Village, the Wetlet Township, Sagaing Division in Myanmar. His parents were U Kyi Khin and Daw Mya Lay. At the age of six (1974), he was sent to the local monastery, to study basic education and basic knowledge of Buddhist scriptures. At the age of nine (1978), He shifted as student of monastery to Pathamagandhayon monastery, Sagaing hills, Sagain. In his twelfth age (1981), he was ordained as a Samanera (Buddhist novice), under Venerable Ashin Supinnindabhivamsa, the abbot of Pathamagamdhayon monastery. He was named Shin Kusala. As a novice he passed the pre-elementary, elementary and intermediate courses in Buddhism in Pali language, in 1986, 1987 and 1989 respectively. At the age of twenty, he was ordained as a monkhood by the sponsors of U HlA Tun and Daw Than Kyi, Aung Cham Thar village, Wetlet township, and by the guidance of a preceptor of Venerable Ashin Supannindabhiva on the 6 th February 1988. In 1993, he completed Phathamagyi which is equal to the advanced level of monastic education. During the years of 1993 to 2001, he tried his best for his higher education and gave lectures for the junior students of Mahavisutarama monastery, Pakhokku, Magway Division, and also provided the social welfare services for the tribal boys and girls. In 2000, he was awarded the title of Sasanadhajadhammacariya Myanmar Government for the passing of higher monastic education. In the period of 2001 to 2009, for his international knowledge and education, he shifted to the Sitagu International Buddhist Academy in Sagaing Hills. During this period, he had completely passed the courses of the Diploma and B.A. When he was living in Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, he served the works of administration and management at the Academy and Sitagu Ayudana Hospital, and a duty of Dhamma preacher (Dhammaka-thika) of Ma-Lwan- Zay-San- Hlu-Athin at the Myanmar.

During the years of 2009 to 2019, he went to India for his further education and had the degree of M.A, M.Phil, and Ph.D from Pune University of the Pali Department in India. After completing of his studying, he went back home country and work as the lecturer of Sitagu International Buddhist Academy, Sagaing, work as a lecturer and preaching the Dhamma for lay people Preacher and sharing the knowledge of the Abhidhamma by giving online course for global Dhamma friends.

With Metta, The Dhamma USA Team

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