The Benefit of Muditā | By Sayadaw Tikkhavamsalankara.

By Bhante Sumitta |

The Benefit of Muditā | By Sayadaw Tikkhavamsalankara.

Special Dhamma Talk Series | Week 49

This Weekly Special Dhamma Talk series is conducted by renowned Buddhist monks from around the world and it is aimed at helping Dhamma USA community to expand their Dhamma knowledge. Join us every Sunday at PT /PDT 6:00 AM | EST 9:00 AM | China Time & SST: 10:00 PM | IST: 6:30 PM | ICT & WIB: 8:00 PM | MMT/GMT+5:00 – 07:30 PM

This Weekly Dhamma Talk Series is conducted by renowned Buddhist monks from around the world and it is dedicated to help our Dhamma USA community to expand their understanding of the Buddha Dhamma. This online sessions are held on every Sunday at 6:00 AM (PDT), 9:00 AM (EST), 6:30 PM (IST), 7:30 PM (MMT) through Dhamma USA YouTube Channel & other social media platforms. All free of cost. Please mark your calendar today to be more benefited through this precious Dhamma sharing sessions.

Week 49 | March 26, 2023

Special Dhamma Talk Series | Week 49

Topic: The Benefit of Muditā .

Speaker: By Sayadaw Tikkhavamsalankara. .

Day: Sunday, March 26, 2023

Time: PT/PDT 6:00 AM | EST 9:00 AM | China Time & SST: 10:00 PM | IST: 6:30 PM | ICT & WIB: 8:00 PM | MMT/GMT+5:00 – 07:30 PM

Medium: English

Host: Poonam Sood / Thinuri Fernando / Yudi Ortega / Selviana

Watch Live: Dhamma USA YouTube Channel & Dhamma USA Social Media Platforms

Sayadaw Tikkhavamsalankara

Brief Resume of Sayadaw Tikkhavamsalankara

MA (Buddhist studies)University of kelaniya / MA (Pali & Buddhist Studies)Shan State Buddhist University , Myanmar.

Venerable Tikkhavaṃsālaṇkāra is Theravāda Buddhist monk, 17 vācā, and he completed an MA (Buddhist Studies) program from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka in 2017. Before studying at Srilankā, in 2014, he got ‘Sāsanadhajadhammācariya’ degree in Myanmar and after that, he sat for Tipiṭaka exams and received ‘Vinayadhara’ degree in 2012 and ‘Ubhatovibhaṇgadhara’ degree in 2010 respectively. He passed Sāmane-kyaw exams and got ‘Alaṇkāra’ degree when he was 19 years old. Then, he completed an MA (Pāli and Buddhist studies) program from Shan State Buddhist University, Myanmar in 2021. Now he has been studying a Master of Philosophy program  and delivering the Pāli lecture to the Post Graduate Diploma students at Shan State Buddhist University in Myanmar.

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Week 49 Details:

March 26, 2023 (Sunday)


6:00 am (Pacific Time)

9:00 am (Eastern Standard Time)

6:30 pm (Indian Standard Time – Sri Lanka & India)

7:30 pm (MMT – Myanmar)

Platform to Join:

Dhamma USA YouTube Channel

Dhamma USA Facebook Page

For More Info:

email Dhamma USA |

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