Blessings of Pārami (Perfections) | By Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhadatta

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Special Dhamma Talk Series – Week 28

This Weekly Special Dhamma Talk series is conducted by renowned Buddhist monks from around the world and it is aimed at helping Dhamma USA community to expand their Dhamma knowledge. Join us every Sunday at 7:30 AM PST/10:30 AM EST.

This Weekly Dhamma Talk Series is conducted by renowned Buddhist monks from around the world and it is dedicated to help our Dhamma USA community to expand their understanding of the Buddha Dhamma. This online sessions are held on every Sunday at 7:30 AM (PST), 10:30 AM (EST), through Dhamma USA YouTube Channel & other social media platforms. All free of cost. Please mark your calendar today to be more benefited through this precious Dhamma sharing sessions.

Week 28 | October 30, 2022

Special Dhamma Talk Series | Week 28

Topic: Blessings of Pāramī (Perfections)

Speaker: Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhadatta

Day: Sunday, October 30, 2022

Time: PST 7:30 AM | EST 10:30 PM | China Time & SST: 12:30 PM | IST: 9:30 PM | ICT & WIB: 11:00 PM

Medium: English

Host: Poonam Sood / Thinuri Fernando / Yudi Ortega

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Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhadatta

Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhadatta (Director Mahabodhi Research Centre Maha Bodhi Society | Bangalore)

  • Director Mahabodhi Research Centre Maha Bodhi Society | Bangalore

Venerable Bhikkhu Buddhadatta was born in Odisha – India. At the age of 19, he was ordained as a Theravada Buddhist monk by most Venerable Dr. Acharya Buddharakkhita (Bada Bhanteji) one of the foremost erudite Buddhist scholars and the founder of Maha Bodhi Society at Bangalore. During his monastic training period, he was very fortunate to have served personally and lived closely with Bada Bhante Ji for 5 years and underwent intensive monastic training both in study and practice by the Acharya himself. He learnt Dhamma under many great masters like Bhikkhu Bodhi, USA, meditation under Venerable Ajahn Anan and Ajahn Dtun from Thailand and the like. He has also a master in Buddhist studies. Ven. Buddhadatta is an active Dhammaduta who have worked in many Mahabodhi Centres and rendered his service in different fields of Dhamma. He played a pioneering role in establishing and developing the Mahabodhi Dhammaduta vihara into a beautiful meditation centre from its inception while he was the in charge from 2013-2015. He also served as the principal at Mahabodhi Monastic Institute for another 3 years. He also assists Ven. Bhante Ananda (Gen. Secy) in managing Monastery and activities of Maha Bodhi organisations. At present, he serves as Director of Mahabodhi Research Centre (MBRC), Bengaluru, a pioneering centre for higher Buddhist studies envisioned by Acharya Buddharakkhita; which offers 1 year Diploma, 6 months certification course, three months course and Ph. D programs in Buddhist Studies. Further UG, PG courses will be taken up so as to develop a full fledged Buddhist University. He has written books, articles, attended National and international seminars, conferences, gives Dhamma discourses, conducts meditation courses regularly for monks and laypeople. He has travelled many places in India, Asia and Europe to teach Buddhism and meditation. Firmly committed to walking in the footsteps of the Supremely Enlightened One, the Buddha and his teacher Pujya Bada Bhante, with the mission to spread the universal teaching of love and compassion to bring back the light of Dhamma in his motherland India and abroad for the welfare and happiness of many.

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Week 28 Details:

October 30, 2022 (Sunday)


7:30 am (Pacific Time)

10:30 am (Eastern Standard Time)

8:00 pm (Indian Standard Time – Sri Lanka & India)

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