Live Dhamma Q&A with Bhante Sumitta | Ep. 2

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This Weekly Q&A series is aimed at helping Dhamma USA community to expand their Dhamma knowledge. Join us every Friday at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST.

This Weekly Q&A sessions are dedicated to help our Dhamma USA community to expand their understanding of the Buddha Dhamma. This online sessions are held on every Friday at 6:00 PM (PST), 9:00 PM (EST), through Dhamma USA YouTube Channel & other social media platforms. All free of cost. Other Time Zones: China Time & SST: Sat 9:00 AM, IST: Sat 6:30 AM, ICT & WIB: Sat 8:00 AM

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Event Title: Live Q&A Session

Event No.: 2

Day: Friday / Saturday

Time: Saturday. PST 6:00 PM | Saturday. EST 9:00 PM | China Time & SST: Saturday. 9:00 AM | IST: Saturday. 6:30 AM | ICT & WIB: Saturday. 8:00 AM

Medium: English

Instructor: Bhante Sumitta

Host: Dulani Gunasekara

Platforms to Join: Dhamma USA Social Media

Dive into Dhamma: Explore with Bhante Sumitta in Live Q&A Sessions Every Friday!

Are you prepared to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and immerse yourself in the profound teachings of Buddhism? Your search ends here! We are thrilled to unveil an extraordinary opportunity to connect with Bhante Sumitta, an esteemed spiritual teacher, alongside our vibrant young host, Dulani Gunasekara, in our weekly live Q&A sessions titled “Dive into Dhamma.”

What Awaits You: Embarking on the “Dive into Dhamma” journey with Bhante Sumitta holds the promise of a transformative experience. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or a curious learner, these sessions offer a unique opportunity to:

  • Gain profound insights into the core teachings of Buddhism and their practical application in modern life.
  • Witness the dynamic interplay between Bhante Sumitta’s wisdom and the fresh perspective of young host Dulani Gunasekara.
  • Receive personalized guidance to navigate challenges and obstacles on your path with clarity and understanding.
  • Connect with an inclusive community of like-minded individuals, embracing the diversity of spiritual exploration.
  • Deepen your comprehension of meditation techniques and mindfulness practices.

Save the Date: Ensure to mark your calendar for this inspiring weekly event. Every Friday at 6 pm PST (6:30 am IST on Saturday), reserve time to engage in meaningful conversations and absorb the wisdom shared by Bhante Sumitta.

Join Us: Participating in the “Dive into Dhamma” Q&A sessions is seamless! Simply follow Dhamma USA on our social media network and tune in at the appointed time. Prepare your questions, thoughts, and an open heart as Bhante Sumitta guides you through an exploration of Buddhism that resonates with learners of all ages.

Don’t Miss Out: This remarkable opportunity to infuse your spiritual journey with newfound insights and perspectives is not to be missed. Join us for “Dive into Dhamma” and let the illuminating wisdom of Bhante Sumitta light your path.

Meet Bhante Sumitta (PhD): Nurturer of Souls, Educator of Minds, and Harbinger of Peace

Bhante Sumitta’s name echoes with spiritual depth and wisdom, encapsulating a multifaceted odyssey that spans continents, cultures, and hearts. As a Buddhist Monk, Founder of Dhamma USA, Social Welfare Advocate, and Meditation Teacher, Bhante Sumitta’s life stands as a testament to his unswerving dedication to spiritual growth, community well-being, and the pursuit of harmony.

A Beacon of Spiritual Enlightenment: With an unwavering commitment to nurturing souls, Bhante Sumitta pioneered “Dhamma USA,” a non-profit organization radiating transformative programs aimed at enriching personal growth and uplifting underprivileged communities. Through Dhamma Talks, Sutta Discussions, Meditations, and Pali Language Classes, he engages diverse communities across California and beyond. Bhante Sumitta’s teachings transcend cultural boundaries, guiding individuals towards self-discovery, compassion, and spiritual evolution.

A Scholar and Educator: Bhante Sumitta’s educational journey is punctuated by his thirst for knowledge and his ardor for sharing it. Armed with a PhD in Buddhist Studies from the University of the West, California, his dissertation, “Philosophy of Arahanta Ideal as Depicted in Mahaniddesa,” illuminates intricate facets of Buddhist philosophy. His contributions extend to academic leadership, manifested in his creation of the “UWest Pali Society” and his role as a faculty member at various universities. His teachings on mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhist principles foster profound comprehension among his students.

Compassionate Outreach and Advocacy: Bhante Sumitta’s compassion extends to the incarcerated, as evidenced by his engagement with the Engaged Buddhist Alliance, where he offers solace and care through Buddhist practices. His work with at-risk youth at Home Boys Industries showcases his dedication to nurturing future generations. His involvement with diverse Buddhist temples and monasteries, where he conducts Dhamma talks and meditation classes, underscores his commitment to fostering community well-being and spiritual development.

Global Messenger of Peace: Bhante Sumitta’s reach transcends geographical borders, as he disseminates messages of peace and spiritual insight worldwide. From India and Nepal to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the USA, and Italy, his teachings bridge cultures, igniting the flame of understanding. His transformative Peace Walks, spanning from New York to Washington DC, Florida, and Italy, embody his commitment to fostering unity, compassion, and harmony.

A Passion for Learning Buddhism: Now, meet our effervescent host, Dulani Gunasekara, a committed college student ignited by a profound passion for delving into Buddhism’s depths. Dulani’s infectious enthusiasm and curious spirit infuse a fresh perspective into Dhamma teachings. Her authentic curiosity and relatability create a welcoming environment, allowing participants of all ages to connect and explore the wisdom shared by Bhante Sumitta.

Unveiling the Essence of Dhamma: Every Friday at 6 pm PST (6:30 am IST on Saturday), Bhante Sumitta will be interviewed by Dulani Gunasekara on Dhamma USA’s social media network, leading to an enlightening live Q&A session. This is your golden opportunity to directly engage with Bhante Sumitta, pose thought-provoking questions about Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness, and receive insightful guidance on your own spiritual journey.

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